P.S. Jordanou ltd, involved in boating since 1962, have developed a culture that recognises the robustness and quality a boat needs to withstand the catalytic effects of sea elements and rough weather.

Located in Cyprus, at the eastern most part of the Miditerranean Sea, our craftsmen handbuild boats famous for their robustness and durability. Each and every Madcraft boat is the outcome of close supervision and attention, to provide you the safety and confidence you would expect to get you through the most adverse conditions.

Contact details:
P.S. Jordanou ltd, 120 Makarios III Avenue
P.O.Box 16, 3600 Limassol, Cyprus
Tel.: +357 05 33 58 57, 05 33 62 15
Fax: +357 05 33 45 16

e-mail: info@psjordanou.com